Syzygy: Eramboo Artist Environment

peer past your continuum

pause to perceive

orbital bodies in sculptural syzygy

Eramboo, known and appreciated as a vibrant community of visual artists, opened its doors in April 2016 to seven performance artists from across the Sydney region.

Treating the bushland surrounds as a gallery space, each performance artist responded to the wild logic of Eramboo, inviting the viewer to pause and perceive hidden detail that would normally pass them by. Accompanying the scheduled performance sessions, the artists ran public sensory perception workshops, which were open to anyone of any age, designed specifically to hone focus through immersive sensory experiences.

Stepping inside the Eramboo hall, the viewer entered an environment that required heightened listening and sensitivity. Projected landscapes danced across the walls and at the point of syzygy; the participants could find a sweet spot of interactivity. There, they were able to explore a diverse palette of sounds and enhance the experience of the looped soundscape that ran for the entirety of the weekend.

Producer: Susan Milne

Concept: Imogen Cranna

Artists: Imogen Cranna * Cloé Fournier                  Angela French * Lian Loke * Amy  Mauvan                  Catherine McNamara * Kirsten Packham

Interactive Installation: Imogen Cranna                                                    Kirsten Packham

Costumes: Lian Loke

Documentation: Maylei Hunt